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OneStart surges with 750 startups from 50+ countries

Daniel Perez - CEO, Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) and Jess Sutcliffe - Marketing and Communications Director, OBR

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON – OneStart, the world’s largest healthcare accelerator program founded by the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) and SR One, continues its phenomenal growth as 2016 sets a new record. 

Matt Foy, OneStart co-founder and SR One partner remarked,

“We at SR One are thrilled that what started out as an idea in 2012 has continued to grow. We are also seeing this momentum starting to generate a virtuous circle of entrepreneurship, with companies being funded, networks expanded and learning shared amongst an increasingly excited and confident young scientific global community."

Daniel Perez, CEO of the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable, who co-founded OneStart with SR One, and has executed the program since it’s inception, mentions:

“This year’s international success further underlines how OneStart has established itself as the premier startup accelerator program of its kind in the world.” 

In total 750 startups from 53 countries applied to take part in OneStart 2016. Nearly 10x the number of applications received only 3 years on from the inaugural program of 2012.

“OneStart have achieved fantastic growth and recognition in such a short period of time.  The energy and momentum within the OneStart community has led to a record number of applicants for this year’s competition which can only benefit the life sciences community overall.  Now comes the really hard part: being able to choose and short list from such a dynamic and diverse group of applicants, ideas and opportunities.  But this is exactly what we at Olswang thrive on, and we’ll be there helping all we can to refine and enhance each team’s business proposal.”

States Stephen Reese, Partner at Olswang. 

This has been achieved by a continual and unrelenting drive to engage early-career healthcare entrepreneurs on a global scale.

“Wow, what a great number of submissions to OneStart!”

Adds Dr. Lynne Murray, responsible for Partner and Strategy at MedImmune the worldwide biologics division of AstraZeneca.

“This highlights the enthusiasm of the budding global entrepreneurs and also shows how important this competition is to many people wanting to get into healthcare and biotech.  I’m really looking forward to every stage of the competition and am sure the quality of the applicants will be very high, again.  The judges and mentors will definitely have their work cut out for them.  Good luck to all the applicants.”
OneStart has identified that “our universities are brimming with talented students, post-graduates and post-doc who have fantastic ideas and are looking for a way to turn these into real innovations,” concludes Sarah Haywood, Chief Operating Officer of MedCity. 
“OneStart provides an important route for ‎young entrepreneurs to move their ideas towards commercialisation and it is simply thrilling to see another leap in the number of applications for this year's OneStart competition - growing by more than a hundred to 750.  ‎MedCity is delighted to be supporting the competition again as a part of Medcity's work to support the entrepreneurial environment and culture within the UK.”

What makes OneStart unique is its focus on education. OneStart has created an environment that supports and nurtures aspiring young innovators, as acknowledged by Dr. Claire Brown from BioCity and Alderley Park Ventures (Investment Manager). 

“ I was, once again, delighted to see such a tremendous response to the One start competition with a record number of entrants. It’s activities such as this that gives the opportunity for our next generation of entrepreneurs to show us what they are made of. The business idea is just the start of the journey.  Given world class mentorship, support and facilities, as provided by the One start community, I’m certain there will be numerous exciting prospects for the Investment community. Biocity are delighted to be part of that entrepreneurs journey."

OneStart are thrilled to have BioCity’s support providing 2 semi-finalist teams free lab space at their BioHub incubator located in Alderley Edge.

OneStart exists because the most talented and passionate industry executives in healthcare donate their time and resources to catalyze early stage entrepreneurship.

This is echoed by Nooman Haque, the Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the UK.

“We’re really pleased that so many startups have applied to OneStart – there is clear recognition of the value and importance of the programme. Building an enterprise can be tough, which is why Silicon Valley Bank wanted to lend its connections and insight to OneStart. It’s a brilliant platform that makes the challenging task of scientific entrepreneurship that bit easier.
Over three decades we’ve seen the earliest ventures blossom into successful and mature companies. Key to their success is having a wide support network, enabling multiple avenues of innovation. Best of luck to everyone who applied – all 750 of you! We’re looking forward to supporting more startups in 2016 and beyond.”

OneStart would not be possible without its extensive partner network. These organisations include SR One, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Takeda Ventures, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK, Amgen, Roche, AstraZeneca, MedImmune, Boehringer Ingelheim, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, SoftLayer Catalyst, McKinsey & Co., Silicon Valley Bank, MedCity, Olswang, BioCity and MassBio.

They are integral to both OneStart’s continual success and unprecedented progression.

The OneStart 2016 semi-finalists (70 teams) will be announced by Dec 21st 2015.

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About Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR)

Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable was founded in 2011 with the aim of creating better ties between academia and industry.  This is achieved through encouraging enhanced communication and consultancy between the two sectors, with a 30,000 strong network of academic and industrial professionals.  

About SR One™

SR One is the independent corporate healthcare venture capital fund of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Founded in 1985 they have invested over $830M into the biotechnology sector, with a 35 strong public and private portfolio, investing globally in companies that will have a significant impact on medical care. 

About OneStart

OneStart is the world’s largest life sciences and healthcare startup accelerator programme. Founded in 2012 it aims to encourage entrepreneurship among young and disruptive healthcare innovators.  Applications are open to all, from early to more developed businesses, whose idea focuses on improving human healthcare, irrespective of the type of technology. Participation is limited to individuals under the age of 36 and companies who have not raised more than £160,000 in dilutive funding.