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It's Never too Early to Start your Company

Jens Eckstein PhD - President, SR One - the corporate venture capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline

Hear why Jens Eckstein the president of SR One thinks you should apply to OneStart 2016.  




Each year SR One invest up to $100M in healthcare companies globally. OneStart was co-founded with our colleagues at the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) back in 2012. We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to support young innovators. Together we’ve sought to create an environment that actively fosters and encourages entrepreneurism. Allowing individuals to commercialize their research and spin out of universities with revolutionary healthcare ideas.
Each year OneStart has grown from strength to strength – and more importantly the startups participating have been increasingly successful after taking part. This is largely due to the incredible mentorship that we provide from OneStart's industry network.
There are still 6 days left until the deadline (Dec 1st 2015). We have a simple two-page application form – and there’s no cost to participate. Why not read OBRs Top 5 Tips to ensure you submit an excellent application.
Remember, we welcome ideas at all stages of development, from early-stage to IP protected products and there are no limits on technology type. We welcome applications from teams developing traditional therapeutics through to app-based programs.
On behalf of all our partners we want to thank those of you who have applied to OneStart 2016. But we also want to encourage those thinking “maybe next year” to seize this opportunity today. Having founded two startups myself, I would encourage anyone to start something now.