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OneStart 2015 semi-finalists announced

Daniel Perez, CEO and Founder, Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable/OneStart

The OneStart life sciences and healthcare accelerator, organised by SR One and the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) received almost 650 applications from around the world, more than tripling from last year.

LONDON – Now in it’s third year, the mission of OneStart is to support the next generation of bio-entrepreneurs by equipping innovators who have exceptional ideas with the practical know-how and top-tier industry network to take their ideas to an investable position.

OneStart 2015 Partners
OneStart 2015 Partners

Over the past several week the OneStart judges, who are drawn from Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Takeda Ventures, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and AstraZeneca, as well as SR One and OBR have had the extremely difficult task of narrowing the field by 90% – selecting only the top 70 teams to progress to the semi-finals, 35 for the Americas stream and 35 for the Europe stream. We’re particularly pleased to report a record-high representation of OneStart Europe semi-finalists from outside of the UK (11) and OneStart Americas semi-finalists from outside of California and Massachusetts (14).

The semi-finalists will have the valuable opportunity to attend the OneStart Biotech Bootcamp in either London or San Francisco in February 2015, which will include masterclasses, panel discussions, pitching sessions, and 1-on-1 networking with investors, experienced entrepreneurs, industry executives, and legal/finance specialists. Throughout February and March, all semi-finalists will be developing their business plans and investor pitch decks with dedicated mentors from our partners, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Takeda Ventures, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK, McKinsey & Company, Roche, MedCity, AstraZeneca, Silicon Valley Bank, Forresters, and Olswang, and many others leading firms in the industry.

After the Bootcamp, 10 of the top 35 teams from each stream will be selected for the competition’s final round and a chance to pitch for the non-dilutive Grand Prize of £100k (Europe) or $150k (Americas). Each year multiple teams secure follow-on funding aside from just the winner.

Matthew Foy, Partner of SR One, was “thrilled to see that applications to OneStart this year grew significantly in both quality and quantity. Our judges have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing each of the 638 innovative ideas and would like to encourage all applicants to continue working on their businesses.”

Daniel Perez, CEO of OBR, emphasised that “given the volume of applicants and their incredible calibre – we know that extremely innovative and viable businesses will not be proceeding to the semi-finals. We’re excited their products advance nonetheless.”

Read more about the semi-finalists below. (Click here for the Europe semifinalists.)

OneStart Americas 2015 Semi-finalists

1DatapointToronto, Canada
We can change the standard of care in mental-health through data-driven psychiatric diagnostics

Avidea TechnologiesWashington DC, United States
Personalizing cancer immunotherapy through revolutionary vaccine delivery technology

Bio-Logic HawaiiHonolulu, United States
We have drug that’s a “1, 2 punch” for inflammatory bowel disease and inflammation-induced cancer

Blue TherapeuticsCambridge, United States
Advancing a novel small molecule that relieves pain without creating addiction

Boolean BiotechMountain View, United States
We identify disease-resistant individuals and sequence their immune repertoires to find therapeutic antibodies

bosWellCambridge, United States
Connecting those in need to a network of health and wellness services

Cholesterol KillersMoorhead, United States
A probiotic that lowers cholesterol

Cogentis TherapeuticsBaltimore, United States
A novel and potential disease-modifying peptide therapeutic for Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s

DiaMetricsCharlottesville, United States
A healthcare company with a device for foot ulcer detection in a $13 billion opportunity market in the U.S.

Dynamax TherapeuticsClaremont, United States
Dedicated to investigating host-oriented therapeutics for infectious diseases

e-NABLE HaitiSan Francisco, United States
Providing mechanical 3D-printed upper-limb prosthetics to developing countries, at little or no cost to recipients

Empire BiotechnologiesSan Francisco, United States
We have a patent-pending biological therapeutic that can enhance nutrient absorption and treat diseases of malabsorption

EnterosenseCambridge, United States
Enterosense’s platform technology for measuring biomarkers in the gut will revolutionize chronic disease management

Galen BiotechnologiesSanta Cruz, United States
Galen is developing a new approach for discovering small molecules against challenging protein-protein interfaces

ImmunoBiochemToronto, Canada
Next-gen molecular missiles capable of targeting intracellular cancer biomarkers, inaccessible to conventional biologics

ImmunoMatrixEast Quogue, United States
Immunomatrix provides people who are suffering from allergies a painless and convenient immunotherapeutic treatment

ImmunoRodeoAnn Arbor, United States
Antiviral platform targeting RSV with DNA nano-technology

Insilico ScientificSan Diego, United States
We have developed an algorithm to help drug companies optimize clinical trial outcomes and get more drugs to the market

Intact TherapeuticsStanford, United States
We are developing next-generation drug-delivery technology for inflammatory bowel disease

Kidney TeamBoston, United States
Discovering a sensitive, specific and early biomarker for diabetic nephropathy

LigadonMurray, Utah, United States
Ligadon provides a simple and effective device for treating ligament and tendon injuries

Loonskin LabsToronto, Canada
To better regulate body temperatures by creating a process that mimics the growth of veins within wearable garments

Medella HealthWaterloo, Canada
We are developing glucose monitoring contact lenses that stream data to a mobile device, for better diabetes management

MedPrintGaithersburg, United States
Giving doctors a model of their patients that they can hold in their hands

Mesopharm Therapeutics Inc.Palo Alto, United States
Mesopharm Therapeutics develops novel antibody drug conjugates that address aggressive cancers

MoCo (Molecular Cosmetics)Stanford, United States
A bioactive-lotion that enables you to tan without sun exposure and reduces skin cancer risk by harnessing the body’s natural defenses

Moment BiosciencesCambridge, United States
Bringing genome engineering technologies to the microbiome to develop personalized therapies for chronic gut disorders

Myelin TherapeuticsSan Francisco, United States
Natural and synthetic molecules that promote brain repair for demyelinating and neurodegenerative pathologies

Phase DiagnosticsLos Angeles, United States
Honesti: A handheld, one-Step, self-diagnostic for sexually transmitted infections (STI)

Phi TherapeuticsSan Francisco, United States
Precise microbiome editing to treat chronic bacterial diseases

PSYONICUrbana, United States
We develop highly advanced prosthetic hands at 10x less cost to improve the lives of people with amputations worldwide

Riparian PharmaceuticalsBoston, United States
Discovering therapeutics to improve vascular health in cardiovascular, diabetic and inflammatory diseases

SmartLensStanford, United States
Lens with intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring device which can be read with a smartphone

SyntBioLabQuebec, Canada
We provide a novel approach to fight antibiotic-resistant pathogens

ViRelieveMenlo Park, United States
Development of drugs against human pathogens (Measles, Parainfluenza, Ebola) by targeting a conserved viral component

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OneStart Europe 2015 Semi-finalists

51BiotechLondon, United Kingdom
Treating diabetes by pharmacologically scavenging free sugars

AbdiCareCambridge, United Kingdom
A powerful new kind of smoking cessation medication

AntagCopenhagen, Denmark
A novel anti-obesity treatment based on a highly potent inhibitor of a hormone involved in fat accumulation

BactoMixLondon, United Kingdom
Personalised bacterial replacement therapy for gut and skin disease

BeamLine DiagnosticsLondon, United Kingdom
Software to enable rapid, quantitative diagnosis of normal, pre-cancerous and cancerous biopsies

BIEXTallinn, Estonia
Immediate sweat analysis for health and fitness optimization

BioCloudZurich, Switzerland
Intuitive web based image analysis software that can convert a 150-hour task into a 15-min task

BioKnowledgeAthens, Greece
Construction of genetic modified rice that expresses miRNA capable to treat hyperglycemic effects in type II diabetes

BioMeOxford, United Kingdom
An ingestible gut sampling device that will improve the diagnostics of gastrointestinal disorders

Cambridge CardiologyCambridge, United Kingdom
The first removable transcatheter heart valve

Cambridge NanocatCambridge, United Kingdom
The next generation lab on a chip

Circulus TherapeuticsOxford, United Kingdom
Exploiting the safety, stability and efficiency of circular RNAs as novel vectors for transient gene replacement therapy

CombiTOXOxford, United Kingdom
Combination chemotherapy using obligatory heteromultimeric immunotoxins to maximise specificity

DiamentechCambridge, United Kingdom
Revolutionising the diagnosis of dementia: a more accurate, earlier, simpler and lower cost solution

Eira BiotechMelbourne, Australia
Nanocarrier technology: Delivering neurotrophic factors beyond the blood-brain barrier

evoSurgLisbon, Portugal
Augmented reality in laparoscopic surgery: fusion of CT scan 3D reconstruction with surgical images in real time

Galactica BiotechSheffield, United Kingdom
Identification of new therapeutic applications of known drugs

Genome EditingSingapore, Singapore
Genome manipulation using lambda-integrase mediated site specific insertion

Give VisionBirmingham, United Kingdom
We develop wearable accessibility tech that acts as eyes for blind people

Ichor Life SciencesCambridge, United Kingdom
First-in-class biological therapies for treatment of age-related frailty and muscle loss

Idris SolutionsNootdorp, Netherlands
The biotech industry is on the verge of a revolution, and Idris Solution’s Micro-3D-Printer will fuel it

InspiWaveOxford, United Kingdom
InspiWave fills the gap between outdated spirometery/plethysmography and costly imaging techniques for lung testing

KeregenLondon, United Kingdom
Keregen develops innovative medicines that preserve cell quality, prevent neurodegeneration and promote longevity

LeakSeq TeamLondon, United Kingdom
This will be the first technology to allow longitudinal and in situ assessment of the single cell transcriptome

Lighthouse Cancer DiagnosticsOxford, United Kingdom
To beat cancer we need to detect it early. Our non-invasive screening test detects the first tumour mutations.

MediWiseLondon, United Kingdom
GlucoWise is a painless, convenient and cost effective glucose monitor to help people with diabetes manage the condition

NanoVac Therapeutics LtdLondon, United Kingdom
Totally synthetic just-in-time anti-Ebola vaccines based on polymeric artificial virus technology

PermeAbilityCoimbra, Portugal
A brand new kit for diagnosis and prognosis of diabetes and NAFLD through determination of intestinal permeability

ShyDen BiotechLondon, United Kingdom
Widening therapeutic windows via activatable antibodies

SybarisCambridge, United Kingdom
Our technology will cheaply revolutionise drug development, diagnosis and prognosis in a range of neurological diseases

SyndiviaStrasbourg, France
Creating better biotherapeutics for the unmet clinical needs

T.I.G.R (Tourniquet of Instant Gas Release)Tel Aviv, Israel
A revolutionary tourniquet to help inexperienced people dealing with uncontrolled bleeding related to limb injuries

TrialSparkOxford, United Kingdom
A clinical trial recruiting tool that allows researchers to complete studies more efficiently

UroLogicCambridge, United Kingdom
A novel long-term urinary catheter device based on smart materials to reduce hospital associated urinary-tract infections

WaveCapOxford, United Kingdom
Non-invasive neurostimulation for early onset seizure detection & treatment using novel machine learning algorithm on EEG

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OneStart is the world’s largest life sciences and health care business plan accelerator programme, welcoming ideas from across the spectrum, from therapeutics and diagnostics to software, medical devices and research tools. The OneStart initiative was founded in 2012 by the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable and SR One.

Each year, 35 semi-finalist teams from each of two parallel streams, Americas and Europe (including the rest of the world), are chosen to attend the Biotech Bootcamps in February 2015 and undertake 6 weeks of intensive mentoring with over 100 top industry experts to hone their business plan and investors’ pitch deck. A selection of our 2015 mentors are listed at:

The top 10 teams from each region are then selected to pitch at the Finals Galas in May 2015 during which the most exceptional team for the Americas and Europe streams is awarded a non-dilutive grand prize of £100k/$150k and free lab space, with no strings attached. Applications to OneStart are completely free-of-charge and all participants retain full control and ownership of their business.

Partners of OneStart 2015 are Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Takeda Ventures, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GSK, McKinsey & Company, Roche, MedCity, AstraZeneca, Silicon Valley Bank, Forresters, and Olswang.

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The Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) is a global platform for innovators that aims to bridge the gap between industry and academia to move ideas forward in health care and the life sciences.

OBR founded OneStart together with SR One in order to unlock and facilitate latent entrepreneurship in younger scientists. By marrying generous financial support with deep industry experience OBR hopes that OneStart sets many dozens of companies in motion each year, each positively impacting human health. Find out more at

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SR One is the corporate venture capital arm of GSK. The firm invests globally in emerging life science companies that are pursuing innovative science with significant impact on medical care. SR One has invested over $830 million in the biotech space.

SR One teamed up with the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) because of their shared missions of catalysing entrepreneurship. Together with OBR, SR One firmly believes that they can have a positive impact on human health by supporting visionary founders, with OneStart as a vehicle to that end. Find out more at

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