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"OneStart is a colossal stimulus for university entrepreneurship at all levels from undergraduates to academic staff."

– Hagan Bayley, Co-founder of Oxford Nanopore

The OneStart Co-founder Hub gives you the chance to build your perfect team or join a biotech startup.

All teams are advised to browse this hub to complement their teams with co-founders. One of our judging criteria will be the breadth of expertise within your team.

If you do not have an idea of your own, but experience or skills that would be useful to a bio-entrepreneur, register now as a co-founder. Our goal is to link people with ideas with those who can help them realise it.

Send an email now to somebody below, and who knows, you might be picking up an oversized cheque with them in May 2016.

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Daniel Jamieson
Manchester, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I've successfully founded and run Biorelate for the last year. During this time I've secured numerous grants, won various start-up competitions, generated revenue and learnt the ropes for setting up a successful biotech business. I also have a PhD in bioinformatics (with specialist expertise in text-mining), masters in computational biology, bachelors in biology and industry experience from working at Merck and Pfizer. I'm more than happy to come on board and offer my skills and experience to an exciting idea with great potential.
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JeShaune Jackson
San Francisco, United States + intro

Brief intro
Interested in transhumanism and regenerative medicine. Formerly with Cleveland Clinic's BME (4yrs) and Venture Capital Team (1 yr). Worked with the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (AFIRM) to commercialize regen med projects from Case Western, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Harvard, MGH, Univ. of Utah and Univ. of Virginia (Burn, Limb Salvage, Scarless Wound Healing, Craniofacial and Bone Regen Portfolios). Experience with regulatory affairs (FDA Face to Face meetings and clinical literature review for CE Mark approval). Thesis: Bench to Bone, Commercializing a Cellular Therapeutic for Regenerative Medicine (2016). Currently Program Manager of the Entrepreneurship Center at UCSF.
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Daniel Hardej
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I'm currently studying for my Masters Mechanical Engineering, and am also a prospective PhD student.

I have extensive experience in bio-medical engineering research, focusing on computational modelling of cardiovascular biomechanics, as well as cardiovascular medical device design. Specifically, my focus is in replacement aortic heart valves and optimization of the interventional surgical procedures in this area. This is the area in which I will be studying for my PhD, where I plan to explore the use of bio-3D printing in the manufacture of these devices.

I have a strong background in computational fluid dynamics, CAD, and am highly proficient in Python (including NumPy/SciPy and TensorFlow), C++, and MATLAB programming.
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yasmine fathy
amsterdam, Netherlands + intro

Brief intro
For the past few years I have had a continuous flow of motivation to learn. I graduated with a degree in Biology from USA then I returned to my home country Egypt and studied Medicine. Throughout my medical studies I prepared myself for Neuroscience research by obtaining training in multiple institutions in USA and Europe. Then I did a European Masters in Neuroscience at top universities in Germany and Netherlands. I am interested in being part of a start up focusing on Neurodegenerative diseases and I believe I have a very strong background to allow me to be of benefit. I'm independent yet enjoy being part of a team. I am aware of all aspects of Neurodegenerative diseases from molecular to clinical including what patients experience. Research, for me, is more than a career, it's a cause.
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Mary Ward
Cork, Ireland + intro

Brief intro
I am intersted in taking cutting edge science out of academia and getting it into the hands of customers whose lives could benefit from these discoveries. Technology has found its way into all aspects of our lives, but has yet to have an impact on health. I want to be one of the pioneers that makes our health accessible through technology.
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Alex Kucey
Edmonton, Canada + intro

Brief intro
Dual degree JD/MBA, the law degree focused on corporate law and MBA in Finance. I can offer both legal and business expertise as one person, and this wide array of knowledge is valuable to any new start up.
After Finance, my interest through the MBA has been in entrepreneurship. I've started small companies of my own and also experienced first hand the process of starting a high tech business.
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Michael Liang
Berkeley, California, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am looking to solve important problems in healthcare. As a recent U.C. Berkeley graduate, I have
worked at various software and health-tech companies, the latest being Counsyl and Google Life Sciences. I have a strong software and stats background. Healthcare lies at the intersection of engineering, medicine, biology, statistics, etc. Hence, I would like to join a highly diverse team that's dedicated to a common mission. Having worked at different companies, I can offer my insight and ideas on different approaches to problem solving, design, and strategy. I have an especially strong passion to help cancer patients and anyone else involved in the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
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John Crissy
Kenya, Kenya + intro

Brief intro
Hey there I love biotech.
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Alfred Chin
Baltimore, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am an undergraduate neuroscience and biophysics student intending to pursue an MD/PhD, and I have extensive research expertise in neurobiology, immunology, and pharmacology. I wish to be involved in biotech entrepreneurship that focuses on developing therapeutics. Please feel free to email me.
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Arundithi Ananthanarayanan
Sinagpore, Singapore + intro

Brief intro
Biotechnology or Biomedical engineering is one of the disciplines has an immense outreach, especially in terms of healthcare. Although, not trained in medicine, the understanding of disease mechanisms and detection has always fascinated me.
I am currently a PhD student at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore pursuing my thesis on the synthesis of nano particles, especially graphene and applications in sensing and imaging. I have experience on material synthesis and characterization, I have also worked on fluorescence sensing and fundamental studies like fluorescence imaging.
Apart from this I also have limited knowledge on drug delivery techniques and basic molecular biology techniques.
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Iona Inglesby
LONDON, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I am a designer with over 6 years of design education (product, communication and UX) with a huge interest in genetics, data analysis and technology. I'm currently a design consultant for a genetic tech company & started my own business of DNA personalised design to get people engaging with their genetics in a consumer environment. I would love to find co-founders to build a biotech startup in the genetics field / precision medicine / preventative healthcare / home diagnostics etc. Get in touch! :)
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Alexander Fort
Philadelphia, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am interested in collaborating on pharmaceutical, medical device, or health care access initiatives. My background is primarily medical - I have a strong understanding of clinical medicine, hospital workflow, pharmacology, and physiology.
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Tennessee, United States + intro

Brief intro
I'm currently a senior PhD student majoring in computational biology and statistics. I'm a problem solver with strong background in quantitative analysis and biology. I'm very interested in apply my knowledge to discover actionable insights for real business.
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Danial Hussain
Charlottesville, United States + intro

Brief intro
As an undergraduate Rodman Scholar at the University of Virginia studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, I am passionate about learning about cutting edge biotechnology. I am involved with several entrepreneurial efforts on grounds and am in the process of launching my first start-up. I am willing to commit time and energy to gathering information and applying skills that I have such as application development, programming, and design thinking, to building ideas that will shape the future.
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Osman Aslam
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Hello, I’m currently a final year medical student whom has a PhD in organic chemistry. I’m interested in creating new technology which has a focus on healthcare. I am currently in the process of recruiting staff to develop an app which I believe would be highly desirable in healthcare. If you would like to get involved, get in touch and let’s make something great :)!
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