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"OneStart is a colossal stimulus for university entrepreneurship at all levels from undergraduates to academic staff."

– Hagan Bayley, Co-founder of Oxford Nanopore

The OneStart Co-founder Hub gives you the chance to build your perfect team or join a biotech startup.

All teams are advised to browse this hub to complement their teams with co-founders. One of our judging criteria will be the breadth of expertise within your team.

If you do not have an idea of your own, but experience or skills that would be useful to a bio-entrepreneur, register now as a co-founder. Our goal is to link people with ideas with those who can help them realise it.

Send an email now to somebody below, and who knows, you might be picking up an oversized cheque with them in May 2016.

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Matthew Drohan
University Park, United States + intro

Brief intro
What interests me most about biotech entrepreneurship is the ability for small companies to focus on and develop new technologies that can improve the world around us. I believe that my 3 years of experience with consulting has granted me a unique and advantageous skillset of having both a business and biology background. This gives me a distinct advantage with helping advise small biotech companies that are new to the world of business.
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Caodu Buren
Vancouver, Canada + intro

Brief intro
I have startup experience of a nation-wide magazine, and am majored in Biology and Neuroscience, two fundamental fields that will be greatly translated into medicine soon in the following decades and ameliorate people's life quality and expand lifespan. Recently, I am learning management, finance, leadership, programming, and physics, these are the field that I need to know to run my company/companies. Most importantly, I have collecting and screening ideas that potentially become products or services, with enough funding and right team, that will change the world some day. I have good understanding and connections in China where I am from, also who has the largest market on the planet. With my connections with Mongolia and India, it would help our company to expand into Asia in future.
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Chris Mihalsky
Washington, DC, United States + intro

Brief intro
I enjoy the intellectual challenge of operating in a heavily regulated industry with complicated science. I have an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering and an MBA, so I am able to understand both the business and the science. I also have 3+ years of experience as a consultant in the life science industry.
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Dustin Shilling
Philadelphia, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am interested in biotech entrepreneurship because I want to contribute to the discovery, development and product launch of solutions for currently untreatable diseases. This desire inspired me to complete a PhD in neuroscience studying Alzheimer's disease, and subsequently a career at the interface of science and business. For the last two years, I have worked closely with inventors to identify and protect their inventions, establish co-developmental partnerships to de-risk early-stage technologies and negotiate the licensing of commercially viable assets to start-up companies. These experiences have allowed me to develop the skills required to translate scientific discoveries into commercially viable products.
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MANCHESTER, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Positively I would like to pass-on my experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation. Plus, I have experience of entering and competing in the One Start competition, so let's get together and collaborate!
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Tri Luong
Berkeley, California, United States + intro

Brief intro
After 4 years of investment banking (finance) and 3 years of operations experience, I want to take the next big step - which is to help found a company that turns important science and research into a commercial solution. I love working with scientists and researchers and I want to help them decrease the execution risk involved in starting a company. I have extensive expertise in market sizing, financial modeling, company valuation, marketing companies, fundraising, and day-to-day operations. I'm back at business school (Berkeley Haas) to pursue this goal. I believe that science is the most important part of any solution, but strong business expertise is necessary to get that solution to market. I want to be that missing piece of your start up team! I look forward to meeting y'all!
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Xin Zhan
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Having undergone the Biotechnology degree at Imperial and currently studying Management at the Business school, I picked up many skills along the way, in particular Synthetic Biology and a keen business sense.
I have always been interested in Technology start ups, having had team leader experience in many entrepreneurship competitions, such as the McKinsey Venture Academy, Young Enterprise, FONS-MAD, and developing a start ups project from the Biohackathon.

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Matharishwan Naganbabu
Pittsburgh, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am interested in bringing out tangible outcomes in healthcare by supporting an enterprise to build or test tools to detect or develop a cure for diseases. Of particular interest is smartphone based diagnostics.
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Anna-Lena Schaupp
Oxford, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I am a final year DPhil student in immunology with a keen interest in developing business ideas and helping to create innovate new healthcare solutions. My expertise lies in basic and translational biomedical research and I would love to collaborate in the formation of a new biotech start-up that has the potential to positively impact patients’ lives.
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Tsz Ho Kwok
Los Angeles, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am a both researcher and programmer in solid modeling and geometric processing. My primary research interest is custom product design and manufacturing, and my research works range from 3D scanning, 3D processing, and 3D printing. For more information, please refer to my academic homepage in
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Kathryn Lessard
Kingston, Canada + intro

Brief intro
I have an idea for a new pharmacological intervention for asthma and I am looking to develop a team to enter the OneStart competition. This is a unique intervention, which is targeting the smooth muscle constrcition and bronchospasm component of asthma. While I have a background in LifeSciences and government, I am looking to add members to my team with experience in Business, pharmacology, marketing, or respiratory physiology. Any experience with patents is also appreciated. Message me if you are interested and I will provide more information about the project!
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Joanna Koszela
Edinburgh, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
With a recent PhD in cell biology, I am a postdoc developing novel assays applicable in preclinical drug discovery processes. I co-invented and developed a novel method for testing specific enzymatic reactions in a high-throughput manner, which is currently undergoing a European patent application process.

Besides my research skills, I gained experience in technology commercialisation and business development through my current work in a dynamically growing international network of innovative entrepreneurs, researchers and investors.

An enthusiastic team player with a strong background in molecular biology and drug discovery, with some experience in IP protection, technology commercialisation and investment, I am now looking to join a great team for a new, exciting challenge!
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Perfect Lee
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam + intro

Brief intro
graduated as bachelor degree of business administration. Some chance brought me to the Software Engineering world. I'm keen on finding a business partner aimed at applying technology to create a better world. I'm currently planning to create a startup in the following sectors:
+ an Education Platform to close the world skills gaps.
+ a popup inventory B2C platform
+ an Open Business Platform

Anyone who is interested in these sectors, please feel free to email me anytime.
"Together we create a better world"
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Elizabeth Nyeko
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
- Co-founded, scaled and sold a renewable energy social enterprise, Mandulis Energy.
- Investment banking experience at Goldman Sachs and Nomura (Lehman) focused on advising biotech, medtech & Pharma companies.
- Postgrad research at Oxford University in molecular and cellular immunology, where I won the Vienna Vaccines Scholarship & NIH/NIAID Future of Science Scholarship.
- Hold an MSc in Pharmacology from Oxford University.
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Rita Drumond Mateus
Geneva, Switzerland + intro

Brief intro
I'm a biologist with a strong background in molecular biology and zebrafish genetics. I have worked in chemical screening in zebrafish and my phD was focused in fin regeneration growth control. I believe biotech entrepreneurship is key for the development of novel therapies, not only because of the ideas themselves, but also because the motivation and team spirit involved in creating something new lead to the advance of science.
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