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"OneStart is a colossal stimulus for university entrepreneurship at all levels from undergraduates to academic staff."

– Hagan Bayley, Co-founder of Oxford Nanopore

The OneStart Co-founder Hub gives you the chance to build your perfect team or join a biotech startup.

All teams are advised to browse this hub to complement their teams with co-founders. One of our judging criteria will be the breadth of expertise within your team.

If you do not have an idea of your own, but experience or skills that would be useful to a bio-entrepreneur, register now as a co-founder. Our goal is to link people with ideas with those who can help them realise it.

Send an email now to somebody below, and who knows, you might be picking up an oversized cheque with them in May 2016.

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Abdul Wasay
Edmonton, Canada + intro

Brief intro
Strong hands on skills with microfabrication and microfluidics. Industrial and academic work experience on developing Lab on a chip devices. I have also worked on biomimicry for superhydrophobicity (lotus effect) and adhesion(Gecko adhesion). Currently working on miniaturizing genetic toxicology assays using microfluidics.
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Diana Kohlberg
New York, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am interested in biotech entrepreneurship because I have a passion for health information technology. Unfortunately, HIT is far behind most other industries. I want to be part of the solution that narrows and closes that gap.

I have completed a Masters in Public Health program, am in the process of a Health Information Technology Certificate program, and work in the healthcare field, which has given me insight into how biotech can solve healthcare problems. Additionally, I have previously studied design and psychology, which will aid in creating a user friendly and attractive product.
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Xu Wen Ng
Singapore, Singapore + intro

Brief intro
I've 7 years of experience in working with medical devices for cardiovascular and ophthalmology application. I was trained as a biomedical engineer and subsequently received further training as a material science engineer. I specialized in biodegradable polymers devices, biologic delivery and micro-device manufacturing. I am looking for co-founders to embark on a journey in biomedical device together!
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Dang Minh Nguyen
Singapore, Singapore + intro

Brief intro
I am keen on improving the living quality of human being, and biotech is a way to achieve that goal. Entrepreneurship is always a great opportunities and bring great experience for a PhD student.
Specialized in Physics with research interest in Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamic simulation, I hope to contribute building up good biological model and provide simulation result as well as construct experiment to test the validity of the idea.
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Mohamed Draz
Oxford, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I am a young neurosurgeon, I am looking forward to developing software solutions that provide objective assessment tools that can support decision-making process in highly specialised medical procedures.
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bin wei
knoxville, United States + intro

Brief intro
I want to convert insights from biological, simulation, analysis and computational modeling to solve issues like human diseases. I have strong biomedical research. I am also good at communication with idea to convert biological problems into detailed programmable problems.
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Sharon Choy
Singapore, Singapore + intro

Brief intro
I am interested in new ways of delivering healthcare. I am an experienced laboratory animal veterinarian providing contract research services to academia and commercial entities. I am very skilled in veterinary surgery and micro-surgery. I was directly involved in implanting and maintaining highly successful and viable colonies of patient derived xenografts for both a commercial and academic customer. I am a very experienced IACUC member and will be able to consult on IACUC issues for faster approvals. I am involved and experienced in import/export issues for drugs, chemicals and laboratory animals. I have high-containment SABSL3 experience. I have volunteer experience in community health and disaster relief mobile clinics in developing countries.
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Mahesh Kudari
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Passionate about bringing benefits to patients through innovations in technology and science. Experienced physician in clinical medicine, clinical imaging, healthcare system and payor management and drug discovery. Able to leverage insights and network from a broad healthcare base.
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Michael Verlezza
Boston, United States + intro

Brief intro
As a combat veteran, I know what it takes to be part of a team, and I have a keen understanding of the issues facing veterans. My recently completed Fulbright research is a comparative policy analysis of American and Canadian veteran mental health care. Prior to that, I worked with MicroStrategy, SQL, and R to create forecasting algorithms, KPIs, and business intelligence dashboards for acute care facilities. I hold undergraduate degrees in Economics and Finance and a Master's in Mathematics. I am presently considering a PhD in Economics to continue my research.
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Mladen Stojanovic
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Working for your own company and building it from nothing but an idea and enthusiasm is the highest level of personal achievement. Taking responsibility, pushing own creativity, enjoying in other team members' prosperity is everything that entrepreneur will want to have. It is time for the ultimate level of personal involvement. Being a 31 years old, I have had time to try and test different experiences: from DJ-ing and building a sewerage as a construction worker and member of a handball representation of University (Belgrade) to being a government official, solder and Marie Curie PhD researcher at Imperial College London. My skills would not be unique but will broad: organic synthesis, public presentation, marketing and design, management.
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Miriam Fontanillo
Heidelberg, Germany + intro

Brief intro
I have a background in chemistry and at the moment I am doing aPhD in molecular biology. I have worked in the synthesis and screening of small compounds to find new targets as well as in developing biomaterials for tissue regeneration. Additionally, I did an internship in an international company and I have some experience in project management and business.
I am really motivated and I am especially interested in personalized health including new therapeutics and fast diagnostic tools. I would be happy to be part of your team and we together will do our best to improve people's health.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Manoj Leelananda
Edmonton, Canada + intro

Brief intro
I am currently working as a Product Manager in ISO certified Biomedical Company and I have more than 4 years of experience in this field. Therefore, I am equipped with good technical knowledge about almost all available biomedical instruments under world renewed brands, especially in the haematology analyzers as well as managerial experience.
Further, I obtained my MSc in Applied electronics and I developed a microcontroller based heart rate analyzer (equipped with remote monitoring facility) as a part of my Msc.
I have good knowledge about Ardiuno programming, Processing programming, Java. Moreover, I can handle Matlab Programming as well. I have basic knowledge about FPGA and Raspberry Pi programming, embedded systems (PIC & Atmega) Programming (Mikro C & C), computer Architecting Pro
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hui wang
New York, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am very interested in biotech entrepreneurship.
as a young man, with my own ambition, I am alway eager to start my own business. Nowadays, with the thriving development of biotechnology and it's application to the real world, I am very happy if I could be part of it.
as for me, I obtain my BS in chemical engineering, then I got my PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, right now I am postdoc in mount sinai (drug descovery, medicinal chemist), therefore, I am very good at organic synthesis and certain knowledge of biology.
I would be very happy to find someone to work together and achieve the goal.
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Alexey Morgunov
Cambridge, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Biotech is where big problems of the 21st century are being addressed and I would like to be part of doing that. I have both experimental experience in synthetic biology and bioinformatics/computational biology experience.
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Xin Geng
Philadelphia, United States + intro

Brief intro
Synthetic chemistry & analytical chemistry
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