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"OneStart is a colossal stimulus for university entrepreneurship at all levels from undergraduates to academic staff."

– Hagan Bayley, Co-founder of Oxford Nanopore

The OneStart Co-founder Hub gives you the chance to build your perfect team or join a biotech startup.

All teams are advised to browse this hub to complement their teams with co-founders. One of our judging criteria will be the breadth of expertise within your team.

If you do not have an idea of your own, but experience or skills that would be useful to a bio-entrepreneur, register now as a co-founder. Our goal is to link people with ideas with those who can help them realise it.

Send an email now to somebody below, and who knows, you might be picking up an oversized cheque with them in May 2016.

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Jitendra Kanodia
San Francisco, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am a Chemical and Biological Engineer (Bachelors from IIT Madras and PhD from Princeton University) with specific focus on utilizing engineering/mathematical principles for understanding biology and enabling drug development. The following are some examples of my work
1. FGFR signaling pathway has many receptors that activate intracellular signaling to different extents and lead to non-small cell lung cancer. Our modeling work helped identify the right combination of receptor inhibition that would get the most bang for your buck
2. Many research institutes are looking to develop nanoparticles of anti-tuberculosis drugs for faster treatment. Our modeling work helped identify which molecular classes are ideal for encapsulation and taking maximum advantage of the nanotechnology platform.
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Robert Symmes
KINGSTON, ON, Canada + intro

Brief intro
I'm a soon-to-be graduate from the Physics program at Queen's University, with a keen interest in the physics of cancer therapy. Currently I am completing my Honors Thesis at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario, where I am performing preliminary Monte Carlo simulations for a new Cobalt-60 radiotherapy unit. This unit is a cheaper, more sustainable alternative to a Linac and could be a better option for cancer treatment in developing regions. I would be very interested in joining a biotech endeavor that is working to provide cheap, feasible health care technologies to developing countries.
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Bramasta Nugraha
Basel, Switzerland + intro

Brief intro
After being extensively trained in biotech and pharma fields during my academic history, I am interested to jump into entrepreneurship to transform ideas into reality that can be sold. In biotech fields, there are just tons of ideas can be generated but without stimulating entrepreneurship this can only be just lab-bench results. With entrepreneuship we can expand those ideas for 'real' applications. I am extensively trained in polymeric materials science for biomaterials as well as in 3D cell
culture technology for biomedical applications.
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Ian Pieters
Cambridge, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I am currently completing my MBA in Cambridge and I want to make a transition to biotech.
I have always had an interest in medicine and would like to be part of something that can change the world.

I worked in the electricity industry for 6 years before starting my MBA.

I have project management, research, design and business skills to offer and lots and lots of passion!
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Andreas Reimer
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Seeking for entrepreneurship in healthcare innovation. I am a finished PhD and looking for job opportunities.
Skill set include development of world-class cell processing technologies and analysis of high-content data. Collaboration on and off campus on a daily basis.
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Sabna Cheemadan
Paris, France + intro

Brief intro
Its so exciting to see dreams shaping into reality which could have an impact on the society we live. I am a Biologist who believes in the potential of microRNAs as Bio-therapeutics for certain conditions. I would be glad to offer my skills and ideas in microRNA based therapeutics if anyone shares the same interest.
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Kenath Priyanka Prasad
Singapore, Singapore + intro

Brief intro
Hi there! I'm a final year PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. My research work on synthesis of nano-carbon materials for applications in energy and biology is extremely multidisciplinary & versatile in nature.

Furthermore, I'm an alumini of the Singapore-Stanford design programme ( 2012), where my team and I successfully designed and patented a medical device over the duration of 4 months.

With a belief that sometimes the most complex problems have
the simplest solutions, innovation, combined with a relentless will to strategically plan and execute is a trait that I have been continuously and successfully exhibiting over the course of my PhD studies.

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Corina Ceapa
Chicago, United States + intro

Brief intro
• Independent, communicative, and technically experienced scientist with over 10 years of experience in mammalian cell culture, recombinant protein production, purification and characterization from bacterial and mammalian expression systems, bacterial fermentation, genetics and genomics, high-throughput immune assays.
• Demonstrated track record of being successful in the industry by creating value (1 patent) and in academia by publishing in peer-reviewed journals (5 first author papers).
• Passionate about conducting research on biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals and bringing a practical contribution to patients.
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Marc Chevrette
Wisconsin, United States + intro

Brief intro
I'm an entrepreneur-scientist with a microbial genomics, secondary metabolite biosynthesis, DNA sequencing, and molecular biology background. I'm experienced in the development of novel applications using computational biology, molecular biology, bioengineering, and genomic sequencing approaches, most recently as the Head of Experimental Genomics at Warp Drive Bio and currently as a member of the Genetics department and the Currie Lab at the University of Wisconsin. I have specific expertise and interest in translational microbial science, especially natural products biosynthesis, drug discovery, chemical ecology, and molecular engineering.
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Khameinei Ali
Washington, DC - SF, CA, United States + intro

Brief intro
I was a OneStart semi-finaliat last year at Cambridge University while pursuing my MBA. I created financial projections, business plans, and pitches for the competition. I have a degree in Physical Chemistry and Molecular Biology with some analytical chemistry experience for the military. I am currently finishing my final year of medical school in Washington, DC but am traveling across the US interviewing for residency positions. I am interested in joining a team with a good idea that needs help from a business or medical input aspect. I love the startup environment and am passionate about the scientitix imporvement of medicine through texh and pharm. I am a huge nerd and would to help you win the OneStart this year so please don't hesitate to contact me!
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Aagya Mathur
Boston, United States + intro

Brief intro
I conducted research on cardiovascular disease and carbon nanotubes in high school, leading to my biomedical engineering research and thesis developing actuated cilia for artificial arteries to treat cardiovascular disease. Recognizing the gap between developing these innovative technologies and getting them to the patients who need them, I pivoted to business.

I spent 5 years is commercial strategy and operations consulting, where I worked across the payer, provider, life sciences, and other industries. My role spanned financial modeling, operations, business model development, strategy, design thinking, and more. I started a service offering within my firm, and grew a startup data analytics group over a year, where I managed teams and clients.
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Perfect Lee
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam + intro

Brief intro
graduated as bachelor degree of business administration. Some chance brought me to the Software Engineering world. I'm keen on finding a business partner aimed at applying technology to create a better world. I'm currently planning to create a startup in the following sectors:
+ an Education Platform to close the world skills gaps.
+ a popup inventory B2C platform
+ an Open Business Platform

Anyone who is interested in these sectors, please feel free to email me anytime.
"Together we create a better world"
Contact Perfect at:
Daniel Jamieson
Manchester, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I've successfully founded and run Biorelate for the last year. During this time I've secured numerous grants, won various start-up competitions, generated revenue and learnt the ropes for setting up a successful biotech business. I also have a PhD in bioinformatics (with specialist expertise in text-mining), masters in computational biology, bachelors in biology and industry experience from working at Merck and Pfizer. I'm more than happy to come on board and offer my skills and experience to an exciting idea with great potential.
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Pratish Adhikari
Ames,Iowa, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am very excited in the field of biotechnology. We have come to age where individual students can collaborate and work on to a cure a disease is fascinating. As a bio engineer it is our moral duty to work on curing the diseases for future generations. I believe starting a biotech entreprenuership is the best way to show your talent and passion for medicine. I have been working in nerual regeneration for peripheral nerve injury for over two years. Over, those years I learned the ins and outs of wet lab work. And,I would like to use those lab skills and combine them with executive skills to start a biotech startup.
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Efthymios Kostaras
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Biotech enterpreneurship is a dynamic concept that stems from the integration of science , clinical practice and the business sector. My aim would be to work for innovative projects that could improve public health and personalised medicine approaches.
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