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"OneStart is a colossal stimulus for university entrepreneurship at all levels from undergraduates to academic staff."

– Hagan Bayley, Co-founder of Oxford Nanopore

The OneStart Co-founder Hub gives you the chance to build your perfect team or join a biotech startup.

All teams are advised to browse this hub to complement their teams with co-founders. One of our judging criteria will be the breadth of expertise within your team.

If you do not have an idea of your own, but experience or skills that would be useful to a bio-entrepreneur, register now as a co-founder. Our goal is to link people with ideas with those who can help them realise it.

Send an email now to somebody below, and who knows, you might be picking up an oversized cheque with them in May 2016.

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Son Hoang
Boston, United States + intro

Brief intro
MBA graduated with a strong engineering skill set. Looking to help young entrepreneur on their journey to make the world a better place.
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James McIlroy
Aberdeen, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Hello future Co-founders,

I'm a highly motivated and scientifically literate medical student at the University of Aberdeen who has also completed a BMedSci (Hons Physiology) from the University of Edinburgh.

Creating products and tools that have the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of people is why I'm so Interested in biotechnology entrepreneurship.

Extracurricularly, I am Co-Founder of a start up biotechnology company with unique community interest and research objectives. Since incorporation, I have led the company to win multiple business competitions, grant funding, incubator space, and awards, all whilst advancing my University studies.

I bring start up experience, medical knowledge, a growing lifesciences network and a tireless work ethic.

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Cheryl Maduro
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I have a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and I am interested in Biotech entrepreneurship in London. Alongside my PhD I attended courses relating to business development, negotiations and opportunity identification. Moreover, I am following a 3 month internship at WSF, an Accelerator, at which I am gaining hands-on experience on the early stages of a start-up and I am helping WSF set up a health acceleration program. My passion for science, interest in cutting edge research and hypothesis-driven approach to problem solving are a combination that would allow me to translate scientific innovation from ideas to commercial reality and is something which I want to further develop. I would welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss my interests and added value further.
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Siang Yun Ang
Singapore, Singapore + intro

Brief intro
I am deeply passionate about applying my scientific training to translate research knowledge into products or processes that benefit community healthcare. I have a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, where I worked on on cardiovascular development, disease and ion channel regulation. I will be moving on soon to postdoctoral research work in sebaceous gland biology and acne, as part of a government-industry collaboration. I have also worked as a biotechnology investment fund analyst at University of California, San Francisco and taken courses in intellectual property law. I appreciate the commercial and legal aspects of translational research discoveries, and I hope to contribute my scientific expertise and analytical skills to biotech entrepreneurship.
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John Barrett
Chicago, United States + intro

Brief intro
PhD Student in the Tirrell Lab at the University of Chicago. Interested in vaccines and biomaterials for immunoengineering.
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Mahesh Kudari
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
Passionate about bringing benefits to patients through innovations in technology and science. Experienced physician in clinical medicine, clinical imaging, healthcare system and payor management and drug discovery. Able to leverage insights and network from a broad healthcare base.
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Kaushik Rangarajan
Wageningen, Netherlands + intro

Brief intro
A post graduate in Biotechnology with experience in Bioprocess Engineering, Fermentation Technology, Cell culture and Medical Biotechnology. I have developed practical knowledge on modelling and analysis of biological systems. I have also minored in Finance and Economics and hence can analyse projects from different perspectives. I am also passionate about Biomedical Engineering, Climate Change adaptation and Entrepreneurship.
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Daniel Hardej
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I'm currently studying for my Masters Mechanical Engineering, and am also a prospective PhD student.

I have extensive experience in bio-medical engineering research, focusing on computational modelling of cardiovascular biomechanics, as well as cardiovascular medical device design. Specifically, my focus is in replacement aortic heart valves and optimization of the interventional surgical procedures in this area. This is the area in which I will be studying for my PhD, where I plan to explore the use of bio-3D printing in the manufacture of these devices.

I have a strong background in computational fluid dynamics, CAD, and am highly proficient in Python (including NumPy/SciPy and TensorFlow), C++, and MATLAB programming.
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Van Dung Pham
Quebec, Canada + intro

Brief intro
I worked with E.coli metabolic pathways which give the relationships among compounds and the conversion of a certain mass of precursor material to another mass of products during a particular time period such as GABA and Malic acid.
I also worked in the field of molecular biology with the bacterial two-component regulatory system, which serve as a basic stimulus-response coupling mechanism, allowing organisms to sense and respond to changes in many different environmental conditions.
Presently, I am working in project to determine the protein structure and function of some Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria for drug-designing.
Contact Van Dung at:
Manoharanehru Branavan
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I am a multidisciplinary research student with excellent knowledge in point-of-care, microfluidic, molecular (DNA) diagnostic device development. Possesses unique knowledge gained through interdisciplinary projects (academic and industrial collaborations) in sample preparation, nucleic acid assay development and product design. In 2012, I began my PhD at Brunel University within a large interdisciplinary group. My research focuses on the development of an integrated molecular diagnostic device for Point-of-Care testing in resource-limited settings.
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Kevin Freedman
San Francisco, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am passionate about improving healthcare and truly enjoy working on a Project Development Team towards an achievable goal. I bring a diverse set of skills in the fields of bioengineering, biochemistry, medical device design, nanotechnology and fabrication, biosensors, biophysics, and single molecule analysis. This diversity also stems from my educational background; notably obtaining an MS degree in Biomedical, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering and then finally getting my Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Eng. I have worked in Big Pharma, implantable neural devices, and HIV detection, to name a few. I have entered and been successful in several entrepreneurial competitions in the past and look forward to joining a strong team. I work hard, and expect a hard working team as well!
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Deniz Beyit
London, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I am interested in entrepreneurship since it gives an opportunity to change lives. Every day presents new challenges and new opportunities which means no two days are ever the same. I thrive in fast paced and changing environment. The reason why I am particularly interested in" biotech" entrepreneurship is because of my background in Pharmacology and Physiology.
It is a great feeling to create something from nothing and turn your passion and beliefs into a business.
I am experienced in project coordination and competent at prioritisation, organisation and management of multiple tasks to achieve tight deadlines and objectives. Working on various group
projects helped me to improve some of the key entrepreneurial skills such as networking, communication, and negotiation.
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Muhammad Umair
Baltimore, United States + intro

Brief intro
I am interested in a future career as a physician innovator and an interventional radiologist.
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Jiyeob Kim
Cambridge, United Kingdom + intro

Brief intro
I have knowledge of various materials such as metals and polymers which can be used for possible biotech purposes. I would be more than happy to share my knowledge to contribute for technology in healthcare.
Contact Jiyeob at:
Connor Buffel
Edmonton, Canada + intro

Brief intro
I am interested in entrepreneurship because I think the best ideas come from small teams that are bold enough to innovate. In biotech, this innovation can fundamentally change the lives of people and/or enhance the overall performance of the healthcare system.
I have a Masters in Biomedical Technology and 4+ years of professional experience amongst a CRO, a pharmaceutical consulting firm, and a digital healthcare startup.
Contact Connor at: