Competition Questions: AGE CUT OFF
Leon Bernal-Mizrachi
United States
25 Nov '15
My wife and I both in academic field are 40 and 37. We are interested in applying but were surprised about the age limit. Can you please let us know if there is a possibility for applying. As you well know, anybody in the medical field will never be independent enough to develop their own "out of the box" ideas by that age. Now that we have reach some level of independence and we can challenge the status quo, we find hard to get funding to develop our ideas. Hence, we will like to ask if the age limit is a hard line or if it has been consider to extend this restriction to older people.
Jess Sutcliffe
United Kingdom
25 Nov '15
Hi Leon, I apologise but we have to be very strict with regards to the age limit and we are unable to make exceptions. Thank you for getting in touch.
Sergio-Feliciano Mendoza-Barrera
26 Nov '15
I have a big concern about the age restrictions, many great products potentially huge product has been developed by researchers in a life time. My personal opinion is that the age restriction is useless. Best.
Issa Beegun
United Kingdom
28 Nov '15
I have to agree that the age limit seems pointless. I am a junior doctor still in training and I will be 36 in December. I do not see why my age has anything to do with the ideas I have.
Urban Vermeulen
South Africa
1 Dec '15
I agree that age must not be a limiting factor. At 28 I am the entrepreneural driver for a project: Mobile Tuberculosis test for low resource settings. I am very greatful as a young adult for the opportunity granted to drive the project. The team consists of older members with invaluable knowledge and experience. Unfortunately we may not apply for the competition and thus I am denied an opportunity as a young entrepreneur. Regards
Daniel Perez
United Kingdom
10 Dec '15
Hi all,

Thank you for your thoughts and sharing your feedback. We really appreciate that.

We require all co-founders to be under 36 years old. Our aim is to engage early-career scientists and entrepreneurs. However, we appreciate that on the margins this can seem arbitrary.

I appreciate your interest in OneStart.
best, Dan
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