Meet our startups
Europe '14
Winner Eva Diagnostics – London, UK – A medical diagnostics company that is developing low cost, point of care technologies to dramatically improve the lives of millions of anaemia sufferers around the globe. See more at
Finalist & Incubated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation DJS Antibodies – Oxford, UK – Unlocking an untapped market: rapid, cheap discovery of therapeutic mAbs to human membrane proteins
Finalist Eureka Medica – Oxford, UK – Seeing and defeating cancer. Early.
Finalist & Incubated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation Floceleris – Cambridge, UK – Developing a blood test for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
Finalist GyroGlove – London, UK – A responsive glove that stabilises the hands of Parkinson’s patients with microgyroscope technology
Finalist & Incubated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation Helix Nanotechnologies – London, UK – A programmable molecular recorder inside a cell, enabling intelligent screening in drug discovery. See more at
Finalist InspiWave – Oxford, UK – A noninvasive device enabling cardiopulmonary function tests in children and ventilated patients
Finalist SimPrints Technology – Cambridge, UK – Pioneering mobile biometrics to link patients with medical records in the world’s toughest settings
Finalist Ultravizion – Dundee, UK – A medical device that maximises the benefits of ultrasound guided procedures
Finalist Vaxxamine – Oxford, UK – Discovered a natural compound able to turn back the clock and rejuvenate the aged immune system

Americas '14
Winner Resilience Therapeutics, Inc. – Boston, US – Dedicated to creating a first of its kind, proprietary drug discovery engine focused on developing innovative, first-in-class therapeutics that provide both symptom relief and potential disease modification for PTSD and other stress related disorders
Finalist CyKi Technologies – Palo Alto, US – A novel plasma-based disinfection device that prevents the spread of deadly infections
Finalist IQ Biomedical – Toronto, Canada – QSperm™ revolutionizes sperm selection for assisted reproduction
Finalist MetaMixis Inc. – Vancouver, Canada – We harness the powers of microbial communities to engineer custom biosynthesis
Finalist Munc-Key Therapeutics – Toronto, Canada – Discovering the key to modify Munc18 and unlock its potential therapeutic effects
Finalist Nanoly Bioscience – Denver, US – Eliminate the cold chain transportation of vaccines with our protective polymer NanoShield
Finalist Neural Analytics, Inc. – Los Angeles, US – Neural Analytics offers a portable, noninvasive solution for measuring intracranial pressure (ICP)
Finalist Stroll – San Francisco, US – Empowering primary care physicians to proactively communicate costs to patients at the point of care
Finalist Symbiotic Health – New York, US – Developing microbiome-based tools to predict & cure C. difficile infection
Finalist Xcell Biosciences – San Francisco, US – Developed a technology to capture and grow cancer directly from patient blood

Europe '13
Winner Puridify – London, UK – A spin out from UCL; their technology, FibroSelect, offers significant advantages across key performance attributes that not only allow chromatography associated costs to be reduced by up to 90% but are also well aligned to meet the industry demands today and as the market evolves. See more at
Finalist anywhereHPLC – London, UK – User-friendly, portable, disposable high-performance liquid chromatography for high-quality clinical and research testing
Finalist BioAmp – Cambridge, UK – New miniature sensor for integration with mobile electronics to allow patients suffering from chronic diseases to self-manage their conditions in their own homes
Finalist FoetoH – Oxford, UK – New combination of wireless ultrasound and sophisticated signal processing run on a user's smartphone for robust, portable, fully automated monitoring of foetal health
Finalist Hackett Biologics – Cambridge, UK – Storage and transport vehicle for stem cells that does not require freezing, thus increasing viability and maintenance of surface markers
Finalist & Awarded £10k LipoPep – Manchester, UK – Drug delivery system to target drugs directly and selectively to the placenta, allowing treatment of placental abnormalities with minimal risk to mother or child
Finalist MPDx Technologies – Cambridge, UK – Automated sample processing for 'sample-to-result' diagnostics to take diagnostic testing out of the lab into the point of care
Finalist Picoto – Oxford, UK – Complete networked system of intelligent sensors that monitor neonatal health parameters and empower actionable healthcare delivery to provide a new standard of care
Finalist Pym – Oxford, UK – Mobile diagnostic platform based on digital holographic microscopy for rapid and cheap diagnosis of body fluid samples
Finalist Tecrea – London, UK – New, nontoxic nanodelivery platform for intracellular delivery of biopharmaceuticals