Meet our startups
Americas '15
Play - Winner Ligadon - Murray, United States - Ligadon provides a simple and effective device for treating ligament and tendon injuries.
Play - Finalist Blue Therapeutics - Cambridge, United States - Advancing a novel small molecule that relieves pain without creating addiction
Play - Finalist Cogentis Therapeutics - Baltimore, United States - A novel and potential disease-modifying peptide therapeutic for Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson's
Play - Finalist Empire Biotechnologies - San Francisco, United States - We have a patent-pending biological therapeutic that can enhance nutrient absorption and treat diseases of malabsorption
Play - Finalist ImmunoMatrix - East Quogue, United States - Immunomatrix provides people who are suffering from allergies a painless and convenient immunotherapeutic treatment
Play - Finalist Molecular Cosmetics - Stanford, United States - A bioactive-lotion that enables you to tan without sun exposure and reduces skin cancer risk by harnessing the body’s natural defenses
Play - Finalist Myelin Therapeutics - San Francisco, United States - Natural and synthetic molecules that promote brain repair for demyelinating and neurodegenerative pathologies
Play - Finalist Phase Diagnostics - Los Angeles, United States - Honesti: A handheld, one-Step, self-diagnostic for sexually transmitted infections (STI)
Play - Finalist Riparian Pharmaceuticals - Boston, United States - Discovering therapeutics to improve vascular health in cardiovascular, diabetic and inflammatory diseases
Play - Finalist SmartLens - Stanford, United States - Lens with intraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring device which can be read with a smartphone
Play - Semi-finalist 1Datapoint Diagnostics - Toronto, Canada - We can change the standard of care in mental-health through data-driven psychiatric diagnostics
Semi-finalist Avidea Technologies - Washington DC, United States - Personalizing cancer immunotherapy through revolutionary vaccine delivery technology
Play - Semi-finalist Bio-Logic Hawaii - Honolulu, United States - We have drug that's a "1, 2 punch" for inflammatory bowel disease and inflammation-induced cancer
Play - Semi-finalist Boolean Biotech - Mountain View, United States - We identify disease-resistant individuals and sequence their immune repertoires to find therapeutic antibodies
Play - Semi-finalist bosWell - Cambridge, United States - Connecting those in need to a network of health and wellness services
Play - Semi-finalist Cholesterol Killers - Moorhead, United States - A probiotic that lowers cholesterol
Play - Semi-finalist DiaMetrics - Charlottesville, United States - A healthcare company with a device for foot ulcer detection in a $13 billion opportunity market in the U.S.
Play - Semi-finalist Dynamax Therapeutics - Claremont, United States - Dedicated to investigating host-oriented therapeutics for infectious diseases
Play - Semi-finalist e-NABLE Haiti - San Francisco, United States - Providing mechanical 3D-printed upper-limb prosthetics to developing countries, at little or no cost to recipients
Play - Semi-finalist Enterosense - Cambridge, United States - Enterogate’s platform technology for measuring biomarkers in the gut will revolutionize chronic disease management
Play - Semi-finalist Galen Biotechnologies - Santa Cruz, United States - Galen is developing a new approach for discovering small molecules against challenging protein-protein interfaces
Play - Semi-finalist ImmunoBiochem - Toronto, Canada - Next-gen molecular missiles capable of targeting intracellular cancer biomarkers, inaccessible to conventional biologics
Play - Semi-finalist ImmunoRodeo - Ann Arbor, United States - Antiviral platform targeting RSV with DNA nano-technology
Play - Semi-finalist Insilico Scientific - San Diego, United States - We have developed an algorithm to help drug companies optimize clinical trial outcomes and get more drugs to the market
Play - Semi-finalist Intact Therapeutics - Stanford, United States - We are developing next-generation drug-delivery technology for inflammatory bowel disease
Play - Semi-finalist Kidney Team - Boston, United States - Discovering a sensitive, specific and early biomarker for diabetic nephropathy
Play - Semi-finalist Loonskin Labs - Toronto, Canada - To better regulate body temperatures by creating a process that mimics the growth of veins within wearable garments
Play - Semi-finalist MedPrint - Gaithersburg, United States - Giving doctors a model of their patients that they can hold in their hands
Play - Semi-finalist Mesopharm Therapeutics - Palo Alto, United States - Mesopharm Therapeutics develops novel antibody drug conjugates that address aggressive cancers
Play - Semi-finalist Moment Biosciences - Cambridge, United States - Bringing genome engineering technologies to the microbiome to develop personalized therapies for chronic gut disorders
Play - Semi-finalist Phi Therapeutics - San Francisco, United States - Precise microbiome editing to treat chronic bacterial diseases
Play - Semi-finalist PSYONIC - Urbana, United States - We develop highly advanced prosthetic hands at 10x less cost to improve the lives of people with amputations worldwide
Play - Semi-finalist SyntBioLab - Quebec, Canada - We provide a novel approach to fight antibiotic-resistant pathogens
Play - Semi-finalist ViRelieve - Menlo Park, United States - Development of drugs against human pathogens (Measles, Parainfluenza, Ebola) by targeting a conserved viral component