Meet our startups
Europe '15
Play - Winner Keregen - London, United Kingdom - Keregen develops innovative medicines that preserve cell quality, prevent neurodegeneration and promote longevity
Play - Finalist BeamLine Diagnostics - London, United Kingdom - Software to enable rapid, quantitative diagnosis of normal, pre-cancerous and cancerous biopsies
Play - Finalist BioMe - Oxford, United Kingdom - An ingestible gut sampling device that will improve the diagnostics of gastrointestinal disorders
Play - Finalist Cambridge Cardiology - Cambridge, United Kingdom - The first removable transcatheter heart valve
Play - Finalist Circulus Therapeutics - Oxford, United Kingdom - Exploiting the safety, stability and efficiency of circular RNAs as novel vectors for transient gene replacement therapy
Play - Finalist InspiWave - Oxford, United Kingdom - InspiWave fills the gap between outdated spirometery/plethysmography and costly imaging techniques for lung testing
Play - Finalist ShyDen Biotech - London, United Kingdom - Widening therapeutic windows via activatable antibodies
Play - Finalist Syndivia - Strasbourg, France - Creating better biotherapeutics for unmet clinical needs
Play - Finalist T.I.G.R Tech - Tel Aviv, Israel - A revolutionary tourniquet to help inexperienced people dealing with uncontrolled bleeding related to limb injuries
Play - Finalist UroLogic - Cambridge, United Kingdom - A novel shape memory indwelling catheter device to reduce hospital associated urinary-tract infections
Play - Semi-finalist 51Biotech - London, United Kingdom - Treating diabetes by pharmacologically scavenging free sugars
Play - Semi-finalist AbdiCare - Cambridge, United Kingdom - A powerful new kind of smoking cessation medication
Play - Semi-finalist antag - Copenhagen, Denmark - A novel anti-obesity treatment based on a highly-potent inhibitor of a hormone involved in fat accumulation
Play - Semi-finalist BactoMix - London, United Kingdom - Personalised bacterial replacement therapy for gut and skin disease
Play - Semi-finalist BIEX - Tallinn, Estonia - Immediate sweat analysis for health and fitness optimization
Play - Semi-finalist BioCloud - Zurich, Switzerland - Intuitive web based image analysis software that can convert a 150-hour task into a 15-min task
Play - Semi-finalist BioKnowledge - Athens, Greece - Construction of genetic modified rice that expresses miRNA capable to treat hyperglycemic effects in type II diabetes
Play - Semi-finalist Cambridge NanoCat - Cambridge, United Kingdom - The next generation lab on a chip
Play - Semi-finalist CombiTOX - Oxford, United Kingdom - Combination chemotherapy using obligatory heteromultimeric immunotoxins to maximise specificity
Play - Semi-finalist Diamentech - Cambridge, United Kingdom - Revolutionising the diagnosis of dementia: a more accurate, earlier, simpler and lower cost solution
Play - Semi-finalist Eira Biotech - Melbourne, Australia - Bypassing the blood-brain barrier with customisable nanocarriers, delivering therapeutics to otherwise inaccessible biological site
Play - Semi-finalist evoSurg - Lisbon, Portugal - Augmented reality in laparoscopic surgery: fusion of CT scan 3D reconstruction with surgical images in real time
Play - Semi-finalist Galactica Biotech - Sheffield, United Kingdom - Identification of new therapeutic applications of known drugs
Play - Semi-finalist Genome Editing - Singapore - Genome manipulation using lambda-integrase mediated site specific insertion
Play - Semi-finalist Give Vision - Birmingham, United Kingdom - We develop wearable accessibility tech that acts as eyes for blind people
Play - Semi-finalist Ichor Life Sciences - Cambridge, United Kingdom - First-in-class biological therapies for treatment of age-related frailty and muscle loss
Play - Semi-finalist Idris Solutions - Nootdorp, Netherlands - The biotech industry is on the verge of a revolution, and Idris Solution's Micro-3D-Printer will fuel it
Play - Semi-finalist Lighthouse Cancer Diagnostics - Oxford, United Kingdom - To beat cancer we need to detect it early. Our non-invasive screening test detects the first tumour mutations.
Play - Semi-finalist MediWise - London, United Kingdom - GlucoWise is a painless, convenient and cost effective glucose monitor to help people with diabetes manage the condition
Play - Semi-finalist NanoVac Therapeutics - London, United Kingdom - Totally synthetic just-in-time anti-Ebola vaccines based on polymeric artificial virus technology
Play - Semi-finalist PermeAbility - Coimbra, Portugal - A brand new kit for diagnosis and prognosis of diabetes and NAFLD through determination of intestinal permeability
Play - Semi-finalist Sybaris Technologies - Cambridge, United Kingdom - Our technology will cheaply revolutionise drug development, diagnosis and prognosis in a range of neurological diseases
Play - Semi-finalist TrialSpark - Oxford, United Kingdom - A clinical trial recruiting tool that allows researchers to complete studies more efficiently
Play - Semi-finalist WaveCap - Oxford, United Kingdom - Non-invasive neurostimulation for early onset seizure detection & treatment using novel machine learning algorithm on EEG