Meet our startups
Americas '16
Play - Winner InBrace - Huntington Beach, United States - Behind-the-teeth, shape memory orthodontic solution w/ effectiveness of standard braces and comfort/ease of Invisalign
Play - Finalist Astraeus Technologies: Lung Cancer Breath Sensor - Boston, United States - We are creating an inexpensive, portable, accurate breath analysis device that will transform lung cancer screening
Play - Finalist Dynamic Boundaries Inc. - Ithaca, United States - Our mission is to provide an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, one of the most prevalent and debilitating diseases
Play - Finalist Empire Biotechnologies - San Francisco, United States - Developing the first orally delivered platform therapeutic for the many debilitating diseases of malabsorption
Play - Finalist Lelantus Medical - Palo Alto, United States - Imagine you have a suspicious lesion in your lung, but no one can diagnose it. We have the solution
Play - Finalist Ovodex - Houston, United States - Ovodex: Accelerating cancer research and discovery, one egg at a time
Play - Finalist PathoVax - Boston, United States - PathoVax is a universal HPV vaccine that prevents all HPV disease with a cost-effective and established platform
Play - Finalist Sagacere Therapeutics - Toronto, Canada - A promising treatment for primary progressive multiple sclerosis with neuroprotective and regenerative properties
Play - Finalist Suono Bio - Cambridge, United States Suono Bio is developing first-in-class devices for the ultra-rapid delivery of therapeutics to the GI tract
Play - Finalist Wickit Medical - Stanford, United States - Wickit is an effective, low-cost solution to VAP, a lethal, hospital-acquired infection costing US healthcare $25B/year.
Play - Semi-finalist AlloOnc - Kansas City, United States - AlloOnc: Our smart anticancer therapeutic targets metastases that cause 90%+ of cancer mortalities yet most cancer drugs ignore
Play - Semi-finalist Angiograft - Buffalo, United States - Off-the-shelf acellular tissue engineered vessels suitable as arterial/venous replacement grafts
Play - Semi-finalist Artveoli - Santa Clara, United States - We improve air quality by converting CO2 to Oxygen with indoor systems using microfluidic technology
Play - Semi-finalist BioTuring - San Diego, United States - BioTuring: An intelligent, interactive and cloud-based framework for high-throughput sequencing analysis
Play - Semi-finalist BreatheIn: Stable Vaccine Carrier - Albuquerque, United States - A Universal Dry Powder Vaccine Delivery System that is Temperature Stable and Suitable for Pulmonary Delivery
Play - Semi-finalist CaviTest - Cambridge, United States - CaviTest- the world's first home use test for cavities. We detect cavities while they're still reversible
Play - Semi-finalist Cayuga Biotech, Inc. - Santa Barbara, United States - Cayuga Biotech has developed a novel intravenous agent that accelerates clotting in hemorrhage patients
Play - Semi-finalist Circumvent Pharmaceuticals: Rare Neurodegenerative Diseases - Pasadena, United States - Development of Small Molecule Drugs for INCL and Thioesterase Deficiency Disorders
Play - Semi-finalist D&P Bioinnovations - San Diego, United States - We are developing an implantable, bioresorbable medical device to regenerate a damaged esophagus
Play - Semi-finalist Daeki - Santiago, Chile - Daeki is a product that offers a unique way to measure cholesterol levels using only saliva with a home test
Play - Semi-finalist eleven:eleven - Waterloo, Canada - Breaking boundaries of paralysis and enabling people to move beyond their limits
Semi-finalist Herald - Cambridge, United States - Herald makes health care safer by offering clinicians real-time access to data exactly when and how they want it
Play - Semi-finalist HT Therapeutics (was The Malaria Avengers) - New York, United States - Development of species-selective HSP90 inhibitors as novel drugs against malaria and its uprising resistance
Play - Semi-finalist Imperium Biotechnologies - Logan, Utah, United States - Imperium produces novel, programmable pharmaceuticals that selectively kill cells on the basis of mRNA fingerprints
Play - Semi-finalist Jungla - Stanford, United States - We are advancing companion and molecular diagnostics with a next-generation molecular function engine
Play - Semi-finalist KIT: Kidney Injury Test - San Francisco, United States - We are developing a non-invasive, cost-effective, portable diagnostic device for kidney transplant rejection monitoring
Play - Semi-finalist MetNiche - Washington DC, United States - MetNiche is a ground-breaking, diagnostic tool to accurately quantify metastatic risk in newly diagnosed cancer patients
Play - Semi-finalist Movease - New York City, United States - Hyaluronidase for stiffness in spastic patients
Play - Semi-finalist NERv - Waterloo, Canada - NERv is developing an implantable biochip designed to detect post-operative complications
Play - NovaSight - Halifax, Canada - We developed a novel therapy to treat a childhood blinding disorder found in the Maritimes and throughout the world
Play - Semi-finalist OncoFluidics - San Diego, United States - OncoFluidics: Increased predictability of the clinical efficacy of oncology drug candidates with our flow-based 3D human tumor system
Play - Semi-finalist OstoCare - New York, United States - OstoCare is developing a unique, high-tech, and non-intrusive method for ostomy patients to manage their ostomy waste
Play - Semi-finalist Qidni Labs Inc. - Waterloo Canada - We work on implantable artificial kidneys for nearly three million patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
Play - Semi-finalist Palisade Therapeutics - Berkeley, United States - We identify the earliest stages of neurological disease and deploy new drugs to prevent pathology before it starts
Play - Semi-finalist QuiO - New York, United States - The first medical Smart Injector for eliminating self-injection errors and improving medication adherence
Play - Semi-finalist Selective Brain Cooling Technology - London, Canada - A non-invasive, portable and inexpensive system for cooling the brain selectively
Play - Semi-finalist Synergyan Technologies - Tempe, United States - WelSeal—rapid and robust stitch-less sealing of soft tissue ruptures / trauma, improving healing and comfort to patients
Play - Semi-finalist Telo Therapeutics Inc. - San Francisco, United States - We have a precision medicine approach to reversing cell immortality selectively in cancer cells
Play - Semi-finalist xRas Therapeutics - San Francisco, United States - We are developing recombinant antibodies to eradicate RAS, the oncoprotein implicated in over 1/3 of all human cancers