Meet our startups
Europe '16
Play - Winner Captain T Cell - Berlin, Germany - Providing next generation T cell receptors for cancer immunotherapy.
Play - Finalist Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems - Cambridge, UK - The USB port for prostheses: a low-cost, standardised connector enabling mass adoption of high functionality bionics.
Play - Finalist DJS Antibodies - Oxford, UK - DJS Antibodies is using a breakthrough technology to discover new medicines against currently untreatable diseases.
Play - Finalist Eonia - Cambridge, UK - Small molecules that promote T-cell memory formation.
Play - Finalist gripAble - London, UK - gripAble: A low-cost, highly-motivating technology providing mobile rehabilitation for individuals with arm disability.
Play - Finalist ITAM Pharma - Padova, Italy - Merging the gold anticancer properties with the targeting & chemoprotecting action of ad hoc functionalized biomolecules.
Play - Finalist LabGenius - London, UK - LabGenius’ platform for optimising antibody discovery enables pharma companies to develop better therapies faster
Play - Finalist Reproomics - Oxford, UK - Reproomics improves the outcome of assisted reproduction treatments by measuring protein biomarkers of embryo competence.
Play - Finalist S-Biomedic - Magdeburg, Germany - Our live biotherapeutics are the future in dermatology and cosmetic industry.
Play - Finalist snap40 - Edinburgh, UK - snap40 aim to prevent avoidable acute patient health deteriorations, in hospital and in the community.
Play - Semi-finalist Alomics: AI for Omics data analysis - Cambridge, UK - Artificial Intelligence for translating Omics data into new medicine. Validated data-driven drug discovery platform
Play - Semi-finalist Aura Innovative Robotics - Madrid, Spain - An innovative, portable, non-invasive and cost efficient diagnosing device for neurological and mental disorders.
Play - Semi-finalist Aurora Life Sciences - Göteborg, Sweden - Using systems biology to deliver ultimate cancer biomarkers.
Play - Semi-finalist BioEclosion S.L. - Barcelona, Spain - Celifast, a rapid, quantitative and highly predictive diagnostic test for celiac disease at point of care.
Play - Semi-finalist BPL Therapeutics - Adelaide, Australia - BPL Therapeutics is developing novel antibiotics to avoid a superbug-lead catastrophe.
Play - Semi-finalist Cellibero - London, UK - Cell-free engineering of synthetic microvesicle-exosome libraries for use as personalised anti-cancer therapeutics.
Play - Semi-finalist CellSpring AG - Zürich, Switzerland - Rapid, reproducible, and versatile, our 3D Bloom® platform represents the next level in 3D cell culture.
Play - Semi-finalist Eira Biotech - Denmark/Australia - Bypassing the blood-brain barrier with customisable nanocarriers, delivering therapeutics to otherwise inaccessible biological site.
Play - Semi-finalist ENIGMA - Istanbul, Turkey - We are solving the painful blood sampling process with an earpiece which tracks vitals with light.
Semi-finalist FoodMarble - Dublin, Ireland - We are developing a connected device to help people discover what foods are compatible with their digestive system.
Play - Semi-finalist GeneAdviser - Cambridge, UK - An online platform for clinicians to find and order genetic tests, aiming to boost the uptake of genomic medicine.
Play - Semi-finalist GlucAWell - Singapore, Singapore - Awareness, wellness, prevention platform with 2 patents (reg & PCT) for wearable non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitoring.
Play - Semi-finalist GlykoGen - Aberdeen, UK - GlykoGen seeks to develop anti-glycan antibodies using a novel and innovative process to meet a need in cancer therapy.
Semi-finalist Haemagen - Singapore, Singapore - Haemagen aims to employ cell engineering technology to create GMP-compatible red blood cells for transfusion
Play - Semi-finalist Hemule - Berlin, Germany - We have created a multi-organ-on-a-chip platform - a reliable, fast and affordable alternative to conventional testing methods.
Play - Semi-finalist Hera Biotech - London, UK - Reducing side effects of current anti-epileptics via selective targeting of affected brain regions using nanoparticles.
Play - Semi-finalist HomoGeneKO - Heidelberg, Germany - Using the CRISPR/Cas9 system, we aim to develop a screening array-based platform, which targets conserved genes simultaneously.
Play - Semi-finalist Koala - London, UK - The Koala pendant is the respiratory health monitoring device for patients with COPD
Play - Semi-finalist LuminAccuracy: Plasmonic Platform for Diagnosis of Panceatic Cancer - London, UK - Ultrasensitive plasmonic biosensor device for early diagnosis of cancer
Play - Semi-finalist MedEXO Robotics - London, UK - We aim at developing fashionable, lightweight, portable, public affordable, multifunction exoskeleton for rehabilitation
Play - Semi-finalist MIIRDyagno - Mumbai, India - A novel, non-invasive, diagnostic device for cardiovascular patients to reduce pre-hospitalization delay and save lives
Play - Semi-finalist NGDetectors - Rome, Italy - Goniometric gamma probe for radio-guided surgery able to provide full 3D spatial information and high resolution
Play - Semi-finalist OrganPrint - Pohang, Republic of Korea - In vivo-like human in vitro organ model using 3D bioprinting technology for new drug development and discovery
Play - Semi-finalist Oxford Pepbody Therapeutics Team - Oxford, UK - Novel cancer immunotherapy using Pepbody, a new antibody-drug conjugate
Play - Semi-finalist OxTherapeutics (was LemonTherapeutics) - Oxford, UK - Combating inflammation: neutrophil elastase inhibitor treats rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory pulmonary conditions
Play - Semi-finalist Teitur Bio (was Receptotec or MoeGle) - Aarhus, Denmark - We introduce a potential target for the treatment of what is currently known as treatment resistant depression
Play - Semi-finalist ReGenesis - Holon, Israel - Autologus iPSC based organs for human transplants
Semi-finalist TendonRegen - Singapore, Singapore - TendonRegen is a novel synthetic graft designed to regenerate damaged tendons or ligaments, and restore full function
Play - Semi-finalist Violet Cell - Oxford, UK - We are making an accessible and cost-effective cell therapy device for treating liver failure